Friday Morning:

We waited around for a bit because James had to come and pick us up, I managed to catch a few minutes of Batman the Animated Series. James arrived at around 4:20ish I think, from there we went to Amanda's house.

We were giving some other guy a ride down which was cool with us, as long as he didn't mind listening to our music.
We got there and James went inside while me and Mandy waited in the back seat, discussing something or other. James returned with our other car-buddy, who turned out to be a guy named John. At first me and Mandy couldn't remember his name so we just dubbed him 'Cool Guy'.

So we all drove off towards the border, stopping briefly to get money from Amanda and her car. The border guy was very mean and nasty and I hope he gets herpes...or hemorrhoids. Or perhaps he already has one of those things and that's why he was so mean.

Anywho, we got into America and then started to drive down to the hotel, we listened to 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' the book on tape and then some Ohgr. When we got there I couldn't feel my ass so I walked around funny for a while, rubbing it and complaining loudly. We paid for our room and then lugged our shit up to it, after that we lined up for registration.

Now it was here that I first saw the guy I would later stalk...yes STALK. Not in a creepy way, but in more of a 'ooh! ooh! It's that guy!! *grins stupidly and walks into walls*' He was very cute and was cosplaying as Vash. And we all know how much I like Vash! ^_^
He and his friend were both Vash, one was normal the other was 'Dark Vash'.
I fell for the red Vashie.

Mandy made fun of me because I kept staring, and then we eavesdropped on conversations around us. There were two funny girls behind us who had the idea to make 'Mosh Mosh Revolution'. And at one point a guy they were with started to talk about Teenage Jesus.
It was very funny

Nick popped up shortly after that, cold and shivering and informing us that we would get to meet his girlfriend later that night. He ran off to go back in line and we waited..and waited...wheee for us.
Once inside we spotted Kenny D, he was on staff and said 'hi' then ran off to work. The girls behind us turned out to know him as well and we all expressed our fondness of him. It was then that one of the funny girls said that he should get his out sitcom called 'Everyone loves Kenny'.

While Mandy was getting her badge I spotted a guy who was selling T.Shirts, he scared me.


Because he looked like a young Japanese version of my Dad...??? I was up next and I proudly told them that I was an adult this time, no stupid minor badge for me this year! BWAHAHAA! After that I started to look around for Theo, wanting to tell him that we had gotten the room and everything. James did this the easy way and phoned his cell and left a message.
We then went up to the room after grabbing Nick (he wanted to stash his suitcase with us) in order to get into our costumes.

On our way up we told John ('Cool Guy') that if he wanted he could stay in our room, because he was cool and wasn't an ass.

When we got up into the room we unpacked some of our stuff and were about to get ready when Amanda and her friends came in.
Now, in order for you to grasp what each of these people were like I will give you a quick description.

Amanda: tall, bubbly, not a brain surgeon, self-involved; I can stand her when I don't have to spend tons of time with her or rely on her.
Nick-named 'Twit Girl'.

Nick: Not to be confused with nice/goth Nick, blonde, quiet, mumbles, bought lots of porn.
Nick-named 'Porn Guy.

Rob: also blonde, wore glasses, wore a lot of camouflage army stuff, funny at times.
Nick-named 'Army Guy'.

Lana: long dirty blonde/brownish hair, larger girl, snotty, rude, inconsiderate, nasty, mean, I could on for a while….
Nick-named 'Incredible Psycho Bitch Girl who I would have Gladly Slapped around if I wasn't such a Nice Person.'

So they all came in and got ready as well, and being me, I decided to wait.
I do not like to change in front of strangers, male or female. That and I wanted to take a shower, so I sat on the bed and watched everyone else run around.
Amanda was getting into her 'Hand-Maid May' costume, and 'Bitch Girl' was getting into some costume I had no idea about.
It involved blue spandex. :P

Mandy had gotten a hold of the bathroom and was showering; it was then that 'Bitch Girl' cornered me. She asked me if I could help her with her hair which I said yes to because at this point I had no idea she was psycho.
She handed me some sort of Tree-Wax Hair shit that looked like urmm..I dunno, hippy deodorant? I tried some of it and it did shit all, so I grabbed my glue like gel. (which I brought to do my Vashette hair)
Now the thing is that she wanted her bangs to do that weird spike up and fall down thing like so many anime girls have, personally I think it looks like shit.
But oh well, was her costume not mine.

Now at this point in time Mandy had gotten out of the shower and was now getting dressed, Nick's friend (who had this awesome top hat) went in to do his
make-up and Nick asked Mandy if she could do his. (he was doing Kyo as well)
I sat on the bed again and wondered if we were going to be ready in time for the thing on FanFiction Do's and Don'ts. Once again 'Bitch Girl' grabbed me and asked if I could glue her shoes.
??? What the FUCK???
I smiled and nodded and put hot glue on her crappy cloth boots in order to make tracking so she wouldn't slip and fall on her fat ass. I then reeeeeeeeally wanted to shower and get into my costume and leave the room.
I wanted to go and find Theo and give him his presents for being such a sweetheart. (we bought him a pair of fuzzy hand-cuffs in order to thank him for the room and I made him a Chibi Belldandy for helping me get the rest of Trigun.)

But oooooh no, there were forces at work here that decided that I didn't deserve a nice hot shower, that I had to come close to insanity before I got one.
Case in point, 'Bitch Girl' grabbed me and asked if I could spray her hair pink with that cheap shit you buy at Value Village. I said okay and told her that we should do it outside. She got all snotty and asked why; I was flabbergasted.


Well because that shit gets everywhere and I don't want Theo to get in shit because you're a dumb ass!!

So we went outside where it was raining a little, and I took off my socks because I hate wet socks. It's so icky, its like wearing slugs on your feet. :P
Anywho, I started to spray her hair and nearly chocked on the fumes when DOINK! The head of it sprang a leak and backfired against my hand, coating it in bright pink dye. Now I don't about you, but at close range that stuff really stings! And after a while, if you keep doing it, it BURNS.
So I showed her the leak and said that there was nothing I could do, so we started to walk back inside, when Amanda showed up with another can.



So we went back outside and I continued to spray her hair, my feet FREEEZING and my hands covered in pink, all the while trying not to strangle her because she's demanding that I should make it go brighter. Urmmm okay, you have dirty blonde/brown hair…how bright do you think it's gonna go? Neon?? No.
Finally I told her it was as bright as it was gonna get and we started back inside, I asked what I should do with the can and she told me to chuck it. So I did. I ran up to the room and barged into the bathroom where Mandy was helping Nick with his make-up and scrubbed the pink off my poor hands.

It was only then, that I got to take my shower. (again no details you perves...geeeeeeeeez)
I got out and got into my Mana costume and waited for Mandy to do my make-up, after that we practically ran from the room in the hopes of finding Theo.
We caught up with him and his girlfriend Taters (Tara), they both looked great in their costumes. Theo as Izam and Taters as urmm...a cute cute orange thing!
We gave Theo his gifts. He was quite happy to get the little chibi, and found the home-made wrapping paper on the cuffs very funny.
We (me, Mandy and John) walked around with Theo and Taters for a while, trying to see if the Dance Dance Revolution and Para Para were up and working which they weren't. Theo and Taters disappeared while we wandered around, trying to get our bearings and what have you.

Quite a few people knew who Mandy was cosplaying, Kyo from Dir en Grey..I forget which period or video she was from but she looked awesome!
I think only 4 people knew right away who I was, one girl actually told me how cool it was to see someone doing a costume of Mana's that hasn't been done before. I felt all proud and mushy.
Anywho, the point being is that we got our pictures taken with people. I managed to grab Klaha and pose with him, it's funny, he was at last years con I just didn't recognize him (he wasn't dressed as Klaha then, he was urmm some other person.)
We introduced ourselves and found it really funny that his name was Shawn and mine was Shawna.
He seemed nice, but we had to let him go because his friends were calling.

We then found our way to the Dealer's Room where I ran around trying to find anything Trigun or Porn related.
It would have been wonderful to find a combination, like a yaoi Trigun Doujinshi. ^_^
But alas, no such luck. I did however see some action figures but decided not to buy them because something else caught my eye.
It was the Trigun Art Book!
I grabbed it and hugged it, and then asked the guy if he could hold onto it while I went and got money from my sister. He was nice and said he would, so I took off at high speed to the Jrock table where Mandy was buying DeG stuff and some stickers.
The guy who was selling her the stuff was hot, he had this black shirt on that was slit all the way down and held together by straps...maybe that's how he convinced her to buy a DeG dvd even though we don't own a dvd player.

We then went off to eat some lunch, which turned out to be fries. Very healthy.
I then saw the Vashie I was stalking walk by while eating and I briefly pondered if he would mind if I jumped on his back in one massive glomp attack!
I decided against it, being slapped with sexual harassment might not be the best way to say hi to him.
I did however manage to get a picture of him and his buddy doing the whole Vash/Dark Vash thing, they must have practiced their poses before hand because they had it down pat!

After lunch, and after our conversations about 'chicks with dicks' (John found it very refreshing to hear a girl brag about her penis size for once...*laughs* I kept telling him about my whale cock, it's the size of a whale and is invisible. Yes I know I'm odd...) we walked around taking pictures of various people.
I found a Trigun group and asked them if they would pose for me.
They did, huzzah.
We sat down at one point and watched everyone go by, Kenny came over and talked with us for a bit. I took a picture of his ass because I ran out of film last year. I had promised him I would when I saw him so I did.
He was happy.
After that I think we urmmmmmmm...went up to the room..where we...*pokes her brain* watched City Hunter I think. We laughed at all the 'nookie' jokes and then got ready for karaoke.

I told you this was a long Review! Onto Friday Night!!